Additional Services

They’re small but mighty! These little UNIFY services are here when you need them, and make managing your money even easier


Professional Notary Services

Professional Notary Services for real estate transactions, birth records, and financial documents.

UNIFY documents are notarized at no cost, and non-UNIFY documents are notarized for a small fee. Fees vary by state.


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Overdraft Protection Options

Protect your UNIFY Checking Account from overdrafts and fees—when a transaction processes and you don’t have the funds available, you can advance funds from your UNIFY Credit Card or line of credit, or even pay it from available funds in your UNIFY Savings Account.

We offer two (2) optional Overdraft Protection Plans:

  1. an overdraft transfer from a linked share account, and
  2. an overdraft transfer from a loan, where your Signature Line of Credit or credit card account is used for overdraft protection.

If you qualify for these optional plans, we will look to these first for overdraft protection before applying our discretionary Courtesy Pay coverage when a transaction would result in your account being overdrawn. These optional Overdraft Protection Plans may save you money on the total fees you pay us for overdraft protection. You must request to enroll in the optional Overdraft Protection Plans. You can enroll by visiting any branch and speaking with a Member Service Representative or calling 877.254.9328.

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Overdraft Transfer from Share Account

With this option, you authorize us to make transfers of available funds automatically from your linked share account(s) to cover overdrafts in your checking account. Transfers from your linked account are made in the exact amount of the overdraft. Pursuant to federal law, each transfer from a linked savings account is counted as one of the six (6) limited transactions you are allowed each month from your regular savings or money market account.

Overdraft Transfer from Loan

If the available balance in your linked share account(s) is insufficient to cover overdrafts in your checking account, and if you have enrolled in overdraft transfers from a loan, then funds will be advanced from your Signature Line of Credit or credit card, as requested by you. The Signature Line of Credit and credit card are both revolving line of credit products, which are available to members meeting certain credit requirements. When you establish an overdraft transfer from a loan, you authorize us to automatically advance the amount of your overdraft from your Signature Line of Credit or credit card, as established by you, to cover your overdraft, up to your credit limit.

Applications & Forms

The search is over! You’ll find the applications and forms to get the UNIFY services and products you need. As a reminder, to ensure your personal and account information is protected, please use our Secure Message feature within eBanking to communicate with us securely.

Please do not use your personal email to send account numbers, personal data (such as a social security number), or attach a form that contains this information. Personal email is not secure and should not be used to transmit any personal information that connects you with your account(s).

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Direct Deposit Bonus

Enrollment in Direct Deposit means you could win $1K in our quarterly drawing! If you are enrolled for monthly direct deposit of $500 or more, you could win big!

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FREE Checking

Yep… we said FREE. Convenient and flexible, our FREE Checking account is the no-fuss way to manage your money.

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UNIFY is always near you with 24/7 call center access and branches nationwide including Los Angeles, Orange County, Plano, Texas, and Northwest Arkansas.

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