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How to Get More Financial Aid From Your Child's First-Choice College

July 2019

Did you know that initial award packages of financial aid may be negotiable?

That means you might be able to get more money from your child’s first-choice college. In fact, your preferred school may increase an award, even after you've sent in your deposit indicating your child's intent to attend.


Five Reasons to Have a Home Inspection before You Buy

Five Reasons to Have a Home Inspection before You Buy

July 2019

The journey to home ownership is intense. The search, the offer, the negotiations and the paperwork. It might be tempting to skip out on the home inspection, but that would be a major misstep on your part.

These Colleges Will Pay Tuition, but You’ll Work for It

July 2019

When Collis Robinson attended Berea College in Kentucky, he worked typical campus jobs — cleaning restrooms and setting up events. But he also worked jobs students don’t usually do, including comptroller for the campus activities board and, as a senior, student director of the board.

What Is a Certificate of Deposit (CD)?

June 2019

Certificates of deposit, or CDs, are not the most exciting investments, but they are among the safest. They make perfect sense for the risk-averse or for people just looking to park some cash over a specific period of time.

Remodel vs. Renovation: How to decide how much “love” to give my home?

Remodel vs. Renovation Blog

June 2019

If you’re a homeowner, there will come a time when you will want to refresh your home. Sometimes a few new throw pillows and a fresh coat of paint will do. In other instances, you might be considering big changes, like a remodel or renovation.

The dollars can add up in either situation, but here are a few key things to consider as you decide how to update your home.

Understanding Club Savings Accounts

May 2019

If you’re looking to save for a specific short-term goal, you may want to consider opening a dedicated savings account. Many financial institutions offer these accounts, also known as club savings accounts, for major spending events such as holiday shopping, vacations and even taxes.

How to Remove Derogatory Marks from Your Credit Report

Time for Your Financial Literacy Check-up Blog

May 2019

If you’re in the market for an auto loanhome loan or credit card, rest assured your personal credit report will be reviewed by the lender to decide if they wish to loan to you.

Knowing your credit score is a great first step before applying for a loan or new line of credit. But, you’ll also want to scour your credit report in greater detail to see if you have any adverse payment history – including collections activity.

How Your Tax Refund Could Improve Your Credit

April 2019

Money can’t buy you a good credit score, but you might be able to use your income tax refund strategically to polish your credit. How to go about it depends on where you are in your credit journey.

Time for Your Financial Literacy Check-up

Time for Your Financial Literacy Check-up Blog

April 2019

While most Americans associate April with the beginning of spring, the entire month is also dedicated to financial education. Spring cleaning usually consists of scouring every nook and cranny of the home, but our finances deserve a thorough scrubbing as well. If you’re not a personal finance junkie, diving into your financials can be intimidating. Still, you don’t want to ignore them for years and then discover you’re in trouble.

Budgeting No Fun? Try Gamifying Your Financial Goals

March 2019

My wife and I once tried wearing cat and dog masks to talk about money. Our previous attempt to make a budget ended in shouts and pointed fingers, and I thought this might help tame our hair-trigger emotions.

Instead, it sparked another disagreement over spending. “I was thinking something more Cirque du Soleil,” she said through the rubber cat mask I bought her. “I feel like we’re about to rob a bank.”


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