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5 Smart Ways to Use and Repay Holiday Debt

If glitzy ads and the scent of evergreens entice you to choose debt when you mean to choose joy, your holiday may already be haunted by the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

Twenty-eight percent of shoppers who used credit cards to pay for last year’s holidays are still paying for them. Think about how long you’re willing to pay for a moment of delight before whipping out the plastic.

Because you can’t have too many online shopping safety reminders...

December BlogYou’re making your list, checking it twice and ready to knock out most of your holiday shopping in the wee hours of the night in your PJs. Online shopping is here to stay.

For Better Savings Returns, Bail on Your Big Bank

Alternatives to big banks are offering some of the best deposit account interest rates consumers have seen in years. And they’ve made checking accounts, savings accounts and certificates of deposit a worthwhile vehicle for earning interest once again.

Inheritance Money: What You Need to Know

November BlogSo, you’ve come into some inheritance money. Perhaps a grandparent, parent or long-lost uncle remembered you in their will. Before you earmark the unexpected windfall, be sure you do your homework.

Let’s dive into a little inheritance 101.

New UltraFICO Score Could Boost Credit Access for Consumers

A new FICO credit score, launching in 2019, could be good news for consumers who don’t quite have the credit scores they need to qualify for a financial product or for the terms they were hoping for.

Home and Travel Safety Tips for the Holidays

September BlogOnce again, we’re approaching The Most Wonderful Time of The Year. The music, the lights, the parties. There’s so much to do, but it’s important to remember to keep your guard up and follow a few safety tips during the holidays.

Savings 101: What Is a Share Certificate?

With so many financial products available, choosing which type of account to open can be just as stressful as deciding where to open one. For consumers looking for earnings on their savings, one of the options that credit unions offer is share certificates. Here’s a brief overview of how they work and some of their advantages and disadvantages.

Financial Tips for Stay-at-Home Parents

September BlogMany parents juggle career and family life. In fact, 46 percent of households with two spouses said they were both working full time in 2017, up from 31 percent in 1970.

Smart Pay with Your Smart Phone

August BlogChances are you own a smartphone. If you don’t, you are in the minority and will likely get odd looks as you whip open your flip phone. This is not ‘90s people. As if.

How Much Should You Have for a Car Down Payment?

“No money down!” These words are nearly impossible to ignore when you’re shopping for a car. What could be sweeter than not making a down payment? Believe it or not, paying 20% upfront.


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