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De-Clutter Your Finances

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by your finances; the countless bills, the accounts all over town, and the piles of paperwork that comes along with it all. It can be hard to remember bills to pay or track down long-forgotten accounts that have been neglected. If all of this financial white noise is cluttering up your life, it's time to get your financial house in order.

Organize. Organize. Organize.

Many of us have receipts stashed all over the house or piles of unfiled paperwork. To get a clean bill of health, every piece of paper, bill, receipt or statement needs to have a home or be thrown out. Label binders and folders in an organized system so the information is easy to access.

Take Advantage of eServices

The key to tidiness is to reduce the amount of paperwork coming through your home or office. Take advantage of eStatements and eNotices services. You can usually access at least a year of statements online and eliminate paper clutter. Wherever possible, sign up to receive online mortgage statements, credit card statements, and bills such as phone and utilities. You can pay them electronically and keep online records of your payments.

Reduce and Consolidate

Now that the mountain of paper clutter has been cut down, it's time to take on the dreaded debt monster. We often accumulate debt from various sources, not realizing how much we have until we add it up. Alleviate the stress of debt by paying off high-interest debt first, before saving. Consider consolidating bills to reduce your interest rate and the number of bills you are paying. You can also transfer high-interest credit card debt to one card with a more manageable interest rate to save some money.


ePay is a great way to simplify your financial life. You set up your payee list online and easily establish one-time or recurring payments. Our ePay is absolutely FREE and is available to all eBanking users.

Use Financial Tools

Set up financial alerts to keep track of account activity such as low balances, maturity dates, payments due and more. You can also keep a calendar to remind you when bills are due, to review your statements and make changes to investment portfolios.

De-cluttering your financial life isn't a one-time proposition. It's a lifestyle that requires a solid maintenance plan that starts with the right systems and tools. So lay the foundation for clean financial living, stay committed and de-stress while you reach your financial goals.

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