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Level up to make the most of your UNIFY Savings and Checking Accounts 
While our UNIFY Savings and Checking Accounts are great on their own, it’s easy to make them even better. Combine them with Direct Deposit and a UNIFY Visa® Debit Card* to get unparalleled access to your funds! 

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is all about efficiency and getting your funds faster. Signing up gets you a host of benefits.

  • Immediate Access: Your paycheck (and other recurring payments) electronically–and automatically–deposited directly into your UNIFY account. Deposit all or part of your paycheck at UNIFY.

  • Quicker Availability: Get your money faster–before some checks are even mailed.

  • Increased security: Electronic delivery means fewer delays and less lost checks.

  • And finally… Skipping the trip to the branch allows you to reclaim more time to spend with friends and family. 

Payroll Direct Deposit

If your company uses a payroll provider like ADP®, log in and look for a link that says Payment Options or Direct Deposit to enroll electronically. 

Alternatively, visit your employer’s Human Resources or Payroll department and provide them the UNIFY Direct Deposit Form completed for them to set up direct deposit of your paycheck into your UNIFY account. You will be required to provide your UNIFY account information.

Government Direct Deposit

Phone 800.772.1213, or complete the government’s direct deposit online form.


Conveniently switch your direct deposit and/or automatic payments you have elsewhere to UNIFY through this easy-to-use service.


Routing Number

UNIFY's Routing Number is 322079719

How to find routing and account numbers on a check:

Image of UNIFY Check.










Disclosures & Agreements

*UNIFY Visa® Debit Card only available with a UNIFY Checking Account.

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UNIFY is always near you with 24/7 call center access and branches nationwide including Los Angeles, Orange County, Plano, Texas, and Northwest Arkansas.

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Yep… we said FREE. Convenient and flexible, our FREE Checking account is the no-fuss way to manage your money.

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