Connect your way to manage your UNIFY account online. Our electronic services include a suite of online products that allow you to view accounts, pay bills, deposit checks, and transfer money, anytime, anywhere. It’s like having a UNIFY Branch on your desktop or mobile device.


Traditional Banking



Gas, checks, envelopes, stamps - it adds up!

It’s FREE!


Snail mail style by USPS.

In 2-3 days electronically for most Payees.


Via mail - more paper to file.

As PDF digital files, plus up to 13 months of accounts history stored online.


By visiting a Branch or CO-OP Shared Branch.

Immediately to another account, institution or UNIFY member.


At an ATM or Branch.

With our UNIFY app and your mobile device’s camera!

  • eBanking

    Connect your way! You can access UNIFY’s FREE online banking system, eBanking, by desktop, on a mobile device, or using the UNIFY app. No matter how you choose to connect, you’ll have the power to:

    • Place a Stop Payment
    • Nickname your accounts
    • Send Secure Messages
    • Receive eAlerts
    • Order checks

    Other eServices include: 

    3 Ways to EASY Access – You choose!

    1. eBanking from a desktop device - Log in from your desktop device on our homepage, or go directly to
    2. eMobile Banking from a mobile device – Follow the directions for #1, just from your mobile device.
    3. UNIFY App - For even easier access, download our UNIFY app from either the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store to your mobile device.  

  • Want to Enroll in eBanking or eMobile Banking?

    It’s simple and free. 

    1. Visit from a mobile or desktop device.
    2. Select Register in the lower right corner.
    3. Follow the instructions on the registration screen.

    You’re on your way!

  • ePay

    Pay bills from your desktop or mobile device anytime. Writing checks is a thing of the past. With ePay, pay your bills online and even schedule them ahead of time. 

    • Set up one-time and recurring payments
    • Track the status of payments
    • View and print payment history
    • Export transaction information

    Want to Enroll in ePay?

    It’s simple and free. 

    1. Log into eBanking.
    2. Select ePay from the main navigation.
    3. Follow the instructions provided to enroll.

    You’re on your way!

  • eStatements

    Put the paper trails behind you. Opt to go paperless and not only save some trees, but get 24/7 access to your statement online.

    • View 13-months of statement histories for all accounts.
    • Download digital PDF copies.
    • Automatically receive communications electronically by eNotices, instead of mail. 
    • View card and loan statements
    • Automatically receive eTaxes,  account-related tax documents, including 1098, 1099Q, 1099R and more 

    Want to Sign up for eStatements?

    It’s simple and free. 

    1. Log into eBanking.
    2. Select eServices from the main navigation.
    3. Select eStatements and follow the instructions.

    You’re on your way…and trees thank you!

  • eDeposits

    Skip the trip to deposit checks. Download UNIFY’s App to your mobile device and tell your check to say “cheese”.  Using the camera on your device, you can deposit checks by taking their picture. 

    1. Log in to eBanking from our UNIFY App
    2. Select eServices in the main navigation.
    3. Select eDeposits.
    4. Capture the check image, front and back.
    5. View the deposited check image in the Quick Actions sidebar on the eBanking homepage.
  • Card Management

    Control your UNIFY ATM and Debit cards with the flip of a switch from within eBanking from your desktop or mobile device. 

    • Report a card lost or stolen.
    • Get a cash increase or spending boost.
    • Submit Travel Notices, to tell us when you and your UNIFY Card are on the move.
  • eAlerts

    Who doesn’t need a little helper these days? With eAlerts, you can set up reminders for what matters to you most. 

    • Stay on top of payments by setting reminders.
    • Set up reminders for special days, such as birthdays or anniversaries. 
    • Set up notifications to track account activity 
  • eText Banking

    Not much of a talker?  We get it. It‘s why we offer eText Banking. Just text commands to receive account information.  

    • Get account balances
    • Receive a text if your account falls below a certain dollar amount
    • Transfer money between accounts

    Want to Enroll in eText Banking?

    It’s simple and free. 

    1. Log into eBanking.
    2. Select Profile from the main navigation.
    3. Select eText Enrollment.
    4. Follow the instructions provided to enroll.

    You’re on your way!

  • Apple Pay

    Pay the modern way with Apple Pay®. Link your UNIFY Visa® Credit and Debit Card to Apple Pay and make secure, simple purchases in seconds. Your payments, your card information — both belong to you.

    Want to set up Apple Pay on Your Device?

    You’ll need an eligible Apple device, the latest version of iOS, and an Apple ID. Follow the Apple Pay Set Up instructions to get started.

    Pay Securely

    Leave the cards at home—with Apple Pay, you’re all set in seconds. Just put your finger on Touch ID on iPhone, or double click the side button on Apple Watch, and hold your device near the reader. Done and done.

    And, since your card information is not shared with merchants, Apple Pay offers a safer, more private way to pay.

    Where to use Apple Pay

    You can use your UNIFY Visa Credit and Debit Card with Apple Pay at multiple participating merchants in stores, within apps and now on the web in Safari. Look for either of these symbols at checkout:

    Apple Payment Mark   Universal Contactless Card Symbol

    Apple Pay® is a mobile digital payment service offered through Apple, Inc. This service allows you to pay for purchases using your Apple device at more than 200,000 participating merchants without swiping your UNIFY Visa Credit Card. You can also make payments in apps without entering payment information.

    Apple, the Apple logo, and Apple Pay are trademarks of Apple Inc.

    Visa® is a registered trademark of VISA U.S.A. Inc.

Can’t remember your Username?

No problem. Just phone our Contact Center at 877.254.9328, available 24/7, and a UNIFY Representative will assist you.