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Life is unpredictable. UNIFY Insurance Solutions can provide stability in the face of sudden, unexpected change.1

Insurance protects you, your loved ones, and your valuables from life’s big “What-If?” moments. Specifically, the kind of moments you never want to happen, like a car accident, theft, or environmental catastrophe. With auto and home repairs that can easily cost you thousands, the right insurance helps your overall financial situation remain stable. This protection makes tough circumstances more affordable and, ultimately, more manageable.

So, how does insurance work?

In a nutshell, you agree to pay a predetermined amount of money, known as a premium, for the policy of your choice. The premium typically gets paid over small increments to lessen your monthly financial burden. Many insurance policies also include a deductible, which is the minimum amount you must pay if an event covered by your policy occurs. Your insurance provider will then handle the remainder of your financial losses, or at least a significant portion.

UNIFY Insurance Solutions partners with providers all across the country to secure the most effective and affordable insurance policies, from auto insurance to commercial real estate insurance, to policies that protect your antiques and collectibles. Renters can also guard the value of their possessions with renters’ insurance, which shields you from liability for theft, fire, or vandalism.

That’s not all. High-cost events like weddings can be insured in case of adverse weather, sudden illness, or military deployment. And don’t forget your pets. Veterinarian costs have risen significantly over the last ten years, and many uninsured pet owners have little flexibility when it comes to treatment options. Pet insurance makes these decisions easier and less costly.

Exact prices on insurance depend on your policy and where you live, but there are many ways to satisfy your needs and budget. To find the right insurance, simply visit UNIFY Insurance Solutions and request a quote from one of our agents. You’ll be well on your way to securing your today and preserving your future in minutes!


1Insurance products are offered through UNIFY Insurance Solutions, LLC., a subsidiary of UNIFY Financial Federal Credit Union. Business conducted with UNIFY Insurance Solutions is separate and distinct from any business conducted with UNIFY Financial Federal Credit Union. Insurance products are not issued by or guaranteed by UNIFY Financial Federal Credit Union. Insurance products are not NCUA insured and are not obligations of or guaranteed by the Credit Union or any affiliated entities. Insurance products not available in all states. California Insurance License #6003726.

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