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Financial Podcasts

Never have enough time to focus on your finances? We make it easy to get smart advice on decisions that may have a costly impact on your life. Listen to our podcasts on your smartphone at the gym, on your commute or whenever you can multitask. Ten minutes of your time can save you a lot of green.

  • Car Buying Plan

    Buying a car should be a great experience. Going in with a realistic plan about how much car you can afford is the best way to start. Listen to this podcast to learn all of the do’s and don’ts, so you’ll be prepared before you buy. Then, enjoy your ride!

    • Think about financing
    • Fuel economy estimates
    • Maintenance and repairs
    • Insurance premiums
    • Registration costs

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  • Money Management

    When it comes to planning for your future, there’s nothing more crucial than money management. You will learn how to manage money smarter by:

    • Setting goals
    • Getting organized
    • Cutting spending waste
    • Building a budget
    • Saving money


  • The World of Credit Reports

    In today’s world, credit matters. In fact, getting credit is a part of almost everyone’s financial life. So, get it right from the start, learn about:

    • What is credit
    • Getting started
    • Using credit to your advantage
    • Deleting your debt
    • Consumer rights and responsibilities


  • Credit Matters

    In today’s world, credit matters. In fact, getting credit is a part of almost everyone’s financial life. So, get it right from the start, learn about:

    • What is credit
    • Getting started
    • Using credit to your advantage
    • Deleting your debt
    • Consumer rights and responsibilities


  • The Road to Homeownership

    Buying a home is one of life’s more challenging and exciting undertakings. With commitment, and planning, you can become a successful homeowner. Get everything you need to start the home buying process, including:

    • Preparing for homeownership
    • Understanding mortgages
    • Getting a loan
    • Searching for a home and making an offer
    • Closing and tax benefits


  • Identity Theft Protection

    Identity theft occurs when someone uses your name, social security number or other data to commit fraud or other crimes. Fortunately, you can reduce your chances of becoming a victim by learning about:

    • Common practices of identity thieves
    • Preventing identity theft
    • How to recover from identity theft
    • Federal law


  • Drive Away Happy

    While shopping for a car is exciting, it can also be complicated and time consuming. Make smart car buying decisions that fit your budget by learning about:

    • Understanding your financial situation
    • Deciding whether to buy new, used or leased
    • Credit and financing
    • How to get the best deal
    • Leasing and lending laws


  • High Cost Financial Services

    While there are many financial products available to help you reach your goals, there are a few to avoid because of their expensive fees or problematic terms. Get smart about your financial services choices by learning about:

    • The different tiers of credit
    • Subprime credit products
    • Fringe financial services
    • Recovery methods
    • Financial alternatives


  • Checking Account Management

    A checking account is at the center of your financial life. Without a checking account, simple tasks can become burdensome and costly. It’s important to become a successful checking account holder by learning about:

    • Checking account fundamentals
    • Deposits
    • Withdrawals
    • Keeping your account in good standing
    • Protecting your account


  • Repaying Student Loans

    If you are intimidated by the prospect of paying back a student loan, you are not alone. Debts can be large and monthly payments can take a big chunk of your income. Get educated about your choices and repayment options, including:

    • Different types of student loans
    • Repayment plans
    • Consolidation, cancellation and forgiveness
    • Deference and forbearance
    • Default


  • Teens and Money

    The more time you have, the more time you have to figure it out, right? Well, the sooner you learn to handle money the right way, the less chance you’ll make costly mistakes in the future. Every teen should know about:

    • Money management
    • Buying a car
    • Checking and savings accounts
    • Credit cards
    • Investing


  • Finances for College Students

    Your number one priority is getting a great education. However, unless someone else is footing the bill, it’s your responsibility to take care of a whole range of expenses  Learn make the most of your money, including dealing with:

    • Money management
    • Checking and savings accounts
    • Credit cards
    • Household bills
    • Student loans


  • Rebuilding After a Financial Crisis

    Many things can derail even the best financial plans. When a crisis leaves your finances in disarray, with hard work, dedication a healthy future is possible. Learn the steps you need to take, including:

    • Budgeting
    • Debt repayment
    • Rebuilding credit
    • Emergency savings
    • Replenishing retirement savings


  • Financial First Aid

    Many things can derail even the best financial plans and leave you with less money to meet obligations. Learn about handling a financial crisis and getting back on your feet, including.

    • Taking inventory of income and assets
    • Reviewing expenses
    • Taking inventory of debt and reviewing your financial position
    • Prioritizing bills and communicating to creditors
    • Rebuilding credit and re-start savings


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