Fraud Alert By Phone Is Rising: Be Prepared

Please be aware, there has been an increase by fraudsters to create different scams and attempts to capture your personal information by cell phone.

Fake Text/Phone Call Messaging

Known as “smishing,” fraudsters attempt to make a text look like it is coming from a reputable company (such as a financial institution); the link in the text leads to a fraudulent attempt to gain sensitive personal information such as email, passwords, Social Security and card numbers. If this information is provided, fraudsters have opportunity to access your financial accounts.

Similarly, fraudsters may attempt to call directly and convince you that they work for a reputable company and try to get you to provide personal/account information.

How To Help Protect Yourself From Phone Scams

› If you have been contacted, unprompted, DO NOT access the link within the text message.

DO NOT reply to the text message or call.

› Block the phone number (contact your wireless provider if you need assistance).

REMINDER:  UNIFY will NEVER initiate a text/call and ask for account, login, card, or identification information. If you have not requested to be contacted, do not provide any information; always contact UNIFY directly, 877.254.9328, 24/7, to get our assistance on any suspicious communication.

Learn more about best practices and tips to help keep your identity and personal information safe here.

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