Hot Deals on Cool International Vacay Spots

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If you have the travel bug and are seeking to go abroad, you’ll want to know how to hit your bucket list destinations without breaking the bank.

Travel is one of the best ways to experience life, immersing yourself in new cultures, cuisine and places. Still, no one wants to go into deep credit card debt for years to come. Planning and adopting a few well-travelled tips can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

  1. Start by being flexible. Travelling in the off-season helps your travel budget go further. You could save 20 percent or more on lodging and flights. Sometimes just a week before or after the peak season can make a huge difference in rates. You can also score better flight prices if you are flexible with the airports. For example, flying from Boston to Europe could be more affordable instead of opting to fly out of New York.
  2. Set fare alerts. Drop in different airport options and flexible date ranges. Research has shown it is best to depart Sunday, Tuesday or Wednesday and return Monday, Wednesday or Thursday. This isn’t a science, but you’ll tend to spend the most flying out on the weekends and coming home on a Sunday.
  3. Play the credit card game. There is no single “best” credit card rewards program when it comes to travel and frequent flyer miles. There are many variables to consider including your spend and travel habits. Still, if you have a destination on your list, begin researching and comparing various cards. NerdWallet recently released their best travel credit cards of 2018, so that is a good place to start. If you typically leverage cash-back cards, it could be time to switch it up to a travel card if an international trip is on the horizon.
  4. Check out the travel sites. Download a few travel apps like Travelzoo, Groupon, Orbitz and Expedia. They will send you emails on fast sales and record deals. Occasionally, you’ll receive promo codes and special coupons. Maybe you’ll get lucky. Also, don’t forget the loyalty programs you might be a part of with various hotel chains or airlines for business travel. Turn those business points into personal fun.
  5. Homes away from home. VRBO and AirBnB are also sites to scour for lodging. You could skip some of the hotel amenities and instead opt for a house or apartment at a better rate.

Above all else, remember scoring deals can be fun. But be smart. Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true because there are always scammers ready and willing to take advantage of people who just want a good deal.

Happy travelling. Seize the day!

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