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Important Online Security Information Update

To Our Members:

Please be aware, we have seen increased fraudulent activity targeting members using eBanking. Impersonators, claiming to be part of UNIFY’s fraud detection team, are randomly calling members, using a copied (“spoofed”) version of the Credit Union’s Contact Center number (877.254.9328).

The security of your account and personal information is top priority and we will continue to monitor this activity.

Point to Remember: A UNIFY representative will never ask you to verify your member number, full Social Security number, ATM, Debit/Credit Card number, PIN or any other sensitive personal financial information via email, pop-up window or text message. We highly encourage you not to provide this information elsewhere unless you have specifically initiated such contact.

If you receive a call you believe is suspicious, please hang up and call our Contact Center, 877.254.9328, 24/7; we will be happy to help ensure your account is protected.

Thank you for being a member.


    As the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to develop, threats of fraud attempts, related to the virus, are increasing. Please read below for current examples fraudsters are using and actions you can take to help protect your personal data.


    • Govenment Stimulus Package
      v Fraudsters make contact, claim they are with the government, and you are eligible from $1000 to $14,000 in grant funds. You are asked to provide your debit/credit card information to receive the money.
             - This is not true; government grants are not part of the recent Stimulus Package related to coronavirus.

      v Fraudsters make contact, claim they are with the government, and if you provide account information your stimulus payment can be expedited.
             - This is not true; the government is not expediting these payments to any individual and you should not be contacted prior to receiving this payment.
    • Phishing Scams
      v Fraudsters make contact through email, claiming to be the World Health Organization with an attachment allegedly containing important information about the coronavirus. This attachment contains malware, which can compromise your computer data.
             - Avoid opening attachments and clicking on links within emails from senders you are not familiar with or do not recognize.
    • Social Engineering Scams
      v Fraudsters advertise for in-demand medical supplies to be used for the prevention/protection against the coronavirus, such as; medical masks, gloves, and disinfectant. The attempted scam requests upfront payments or initial deposits.
             - Be sure to take extra precaution with any medical-related supplies you order, and only do so from reputable sites/providers.

      v Fraudsters are using legitimate social media websites to request charitable donations to help support efforts against the coronavirus.
             - Do not open attachments or click on links from your email unless you are sure of the source.
             - Legitimate donation sources in response to coronavirus can be found at
             - Any online purchase you make should be through reputable and known retailers.

    Tips to Help Protect Yourself
    Reminder: UNIFY representatives will never contact you directly (by phone, email, or text) and ask for specific personal information including:

    • Your full Social Security number
    • Your full debit or credit card number
    • Your card personal identification number (PIN)
    • Your security (CVV) code on the back of your card
    • Your eBanking username/security access code (sent to reset passwords)

    ASK US: If you are contacted by a questionable source, notice information that does not seem correct on your accounts, or anything out of the ordinary, let us know immediately. Also, if you have not recently updated your contact information with us please do—this helps ensure the protection of your accounts as well.

    Questions or need more information? We are here 24/7, at 877.254.9328, and happy to help.

Can’t remember your Username?

No problem. Just phone our Contact Center at 877.254.9328, available 24/7, and a UNIFY Representative will assist you.