Message From UNIFY's President/CEO


UNIFY Members,
In light of the recent well-publicized events regarding difficulties at certain financial institutions, I want to reassure our members that your funds at UNIFY are safe, secure, and available as needed. UNIFY is a financially strong credit union that is well capitalized with solid reserves.
All deposits at federally insured credit unions are protected by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and its Share Insurance Fund, which, like the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has the full faith and backing of the U.S. government. Federal credit unions have never had an instance where insured savings have not been covered—rest assured; your money is safe with us.
UNIFY benefits from having a broad, nationwide membership base that is not focused on one business area or market. This means our deposit base is more diversified, without reliance or concentration in a single area which is a good defense against sudden financial shifts and volatility. As a financial cooperative reliant on the funds our member owners trust with us, we take a very measured approach to help ensure stability and security.
Continue to feel confident that we are here to serve you as your dependable financial provider.
Thank you for being a member.
Kind Regards,
Gordon Howe
President & CEO  

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