Multi-Factor Authentication: Keep the Bad Guys Out

At UNIFY, our commitment is to provide you with a secure online environment to access your account, and to protect your personal information from unauthorized access. With Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) you get that. UNIFY, along with online giants like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter implement MFA to provide a highly secure login environment. With MFA, our eBanking platform requires more than one form of authentication to verify the legitimacy of a login, making it extremely difficult for hackers to steal your identity. Here are a few important reasons we’ve implemented MFA:


Security experts agree that the traditional User ID and password combination has become outdated and could be a security risk. Security questions, such as “What’s your maiden name?” are becoming too “guessable” with social media and the amount of personal information available. Multi-factor authentication adds another layer of protection to safeguard your transactions.


UNIFY’s eBanking requires you to identify yourself with not one, but two factors. Your user ID and password count as one form of authentication. If you have already registered your computer, the computer serves as your second factor because it has a stored cookie file. If you visit eBanking using a machine without this cookie (or have your browser set to automatically clear cookies), it generates a Passcode and sends it to you via a method that only you would have access to read, such as your mobile phone or personal email. Even if you frequently change devices, this security features is in place to provide greater protection from unauthorized activity.

Can’t remember your Username?

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