An Opportunity For Meaningful Change

To Our Members:

Before offering this message, I felt the need to gather thoughts around the deeply saddening recent examples of injustice for Black Americans and what UNIFY can do. These senseless, tragic deaths have been painful reminders of the racial disparity that continues for persons of color in our society. While I can only speak on behalf of UNIFY, we can certainly do our part to take notice and take action.

At UNIFY, we welcome and embrace diversity, experiences, and viewpoints brought by our members and team members. As a credit union, we were created with a social purpose—to provide equal access to financial services for all members and communities we serve. The fundamental credit union philosophy of “people helping people,” and “we are here to serve, not to judge” is the foundation of our work every day as we serve each other, our members, and our communities—equally and without bias. This remains our ongoing commitment.

Based on conversations I have with our Senior Management Team and their continued involvement, we have already begun taking thoughtful action to further promote equity and inclusion at UNIFY, as well as in the communities we serve. These discussions have included a decision to accelerate plans for a Diversity & Inclusion program, which will launch with an Inclusion Council represented by team members across the organization. This group will be a collaborative “voice-of-team” discussing viewpoints and making recommendations to broaden our diverse and dynamic environment at UNIFY.

We also support our team members in becoming stronger advocates for equality and inclusion. This effort has already begun by encouraging every team member to take a paid Volunteer Day, and participate in activities and causes that are meaningful to them and their communities.

Growth from these changes will be realized over time. But, as we work to take pointed action, we will remain mindful of our responsibility, as individuals and as an organization, to treat each other, our members, and all those in our diverse communities with mutual respect, compassion, and dignity … moving forward together. 

Thank you for being a member.

Gordon Howe

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