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The Season's Hottest Tech Gifts

The Season's Hottest Tech GiftsThe Go-To Gift Guide for 2016’s Hottest Holiday Tech

In 2016, it’s not a question of who on your shopping list wants tech, but rather what tech do they want? From the youngest to the oldest, there’s fresh tech gadgets for all. We live in an age where toddlers know how to “swipe” before they can “wipe.” Even grandma and grandpa have embraced Facebook to keep up with the kids’ latest pics.

So what are the hottest holiday tech gifts for 2016? Check out a few of our favorites – with options to choose at various price points.

For the Active Person

Fitness trackers continue to be a gift favorite for those looking to get healthy and stay healthy. Multiple brands are offering choices, but the best-selling is the Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker. It tracks workouts, heart rate, distance travelled, calories burned and overall active minutes and steps. It also monitors your sleep, something we all need a little more of during this busy time of year.

Action cameras are also popular for those daredevil individuals who like to capture their stunts, stunning hiking views and general activity. GoPro has been a mainstay in this space, but Polaroid has come out with an affordable option too. The Polaroid Cube + WiFi Lifestyle Action Camera is waterproof, shockproof and mountable. It can snap onto your helmet, car roof rack, skateboard, wakeboard, waterskis and more.

For the Individual Needing Music … or Quiet

Headphones are a great gift for almost anyone. Beats rank high for teens and athletes, especially the wireless options. The brand offers styles in multiple colors, and the makes are comfortable, offering the best in sound. Bose QuietComfort Wireless Headphones are highly requested by those who travel, and by people working in open office environments where noise levels can climb. Pop these on for noise-cancelling and individuals can soak up the silence.

For the Apple Lover

The iPhone7 just hit shelves this fall, delivering a state-of-the art camera and wireless headphones. For those always wanting the latest and greatest of Apple offerings, this phone is it. The popular brand has upped its game with the Apple Watch Series 2, now fully waterproof, equipped with GPS and giving users a bright display that’s visible even under direct sunlight.

Always Something New for the Gamers

Mircosoft has come out with the Xbox One S Gaming Console, which is slimmer, better-looking than the Xbox One and can additionally play 4K video and display HDR content. Toss in a few games and you’ll never see your teen again.

If You Can’t Resist Amazon …

Amazon offers an array of trusty tech products at various price points, making it a popular destination to shore up your shopping. The brand recently refreshed its Fire HD 8 Android with an 8-inch HD display and a host of colorful options. For early tech adopters, the Amazon Echo could be a fun gift choice. You can ask Echo’s Alexa anything (similar to Siri) from details about the weather to random facts. But this hands-free device can also take basic commands too. It will play your favorite music, allow you to turn off your lights at home and of course enable you to place orders on Amazon. At just $40, the all-new Fire TV Stick is a cool choice for TV junkies, quickly connecting you to your TV’s HDMI port to watch over 250,000 shows from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and HBO GO.

For The Safety Seekers

Tech is becoming increasingly connected to our home, and can serve as a popular way to monitor your place when you’re away. The Nest Cam Security Camera can be set up to offer 24/7 home monitoring. You can watch via your smartphone and get alerts sent directly to you if the motion or sounds alarm goes off. It’s also a fun way to keep an eye on your pets when you’re at the office.

Forget Me Not

Some people just can’t keep track of their phones. Did they leave it in their purse, the other room, a random shelf in the closet? With the Tile Slim Tracker, individuals can always know where their iPhone is, as long as it is within Bluetooth range. This cool device – just $30 – is barely thicker than a credit card, so it’s easy to carry with you and alert you when your phone goes missing.

Still Stumped?

When in doubt, get a gift card. Tech lovers can purchase their own gear. With so many fabulous offerings in the marketplace, they’ll love shopping for themselves.

Season’s Greetings and Happy Shopping!

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